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27 Golden Retrievers Rescued From Rhode Island Puppy Mill

A concerning incident recently occurred in Hopkinton, Rhode Island, where 27 vulnerable Golden Retrievers living in distressing conditions were rescued. The officials had arrived at the property to investigate claims of unlicensed puppy breeding and conditions that posed a health risk to the dogs. 

20 puppies and 7 adult Golden Retrievers rescued from Rhode Island property

Following reports of unlicensed breeding, authorities intervened at a property in Hopkinton, People reported. They found seven adult Golden Retrievers and 20 puppies from what was described as terrible living conditions. These distressed animals are now in the care of the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA), where they are receiving treatment for ringworm.

Authorities rescued the canines on Friday, March 8. After the rescue, the Hopkinton Police Department shared a post on Facebook providing details of the situation. The post also contains a series of photos showing officials transporting the dogs from the residence. 

The police stated that the RISPCA and Hopkinton Animal Control helped them in the rescue mission of the pups.

Images shared on the agency’s social media post depict individuals wearing gloves, masks, and foot coverings carefully carrying puppies away from the residence. Moreover, the photos show puppies housed in dog crates in vans stationed at the property.

As per the police department, the resident of the property housing the dogs was described as “cooperative.” They voluntarily “surrendered” the canines. RISPCA took custody of the dogs and plans to initiate an adoption process once the Golden Retrievers receive medical clearance.

However, RISPCA shared an update on the dogs’ health status, revealing that they tested positive for ringworm. Due to this fungal infection, the furry animals will be unavailable for fostering or adoption for several weeks. They are under necessary medical care, and once they are healthy, Goldie lovers can adopt them.

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