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2 Philadelphia Pit Bulls Charge at Police Officers, Get Shot

Philadelphia police officers responding to calls of a group of dogs fighting fired at two Pit Bulls who charged at them, 6ABC Action News reports.  

On Jan. 10, shortly after 9:30 p.m., officers were called to a Port Richmond home where five Pit Bulls were fighting each other in the backyard. According to CBS News, the dogs also ganged up on a small dog in a neighboring yard, dragging the poor pup onto the other side of the fence. 

When the dog’s 37-year-old owner tried to intervene, one of the aggressive Pit Bulls bit him multiple times in the leg and back. Moreover, the canines attacked a 33-year-old woman attempting to rescue the small dog.

The owner was later taken to an area hospital for treatment. As for the injured woman, authorities stated she refused treatment.

Scott Small, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector, said the five dogs were still fighting when two officers arrived at the home. Suddenly, two Pit Bulls turned and charged toward the officers, who opened fire in defense. 

Dog attacked by Pit Bulls left seriously injured  

One of the Pit Bulls got hit in the leg by gunfire. Although the canine is alive, authorities confirmed he was seriously wounded. However, it’s unclear whether the second dog fired at by the police got hurt. 

Sadly, the attack left the small pup with critical injuries; they were rushed to a local veterinarian for treatment. Authorities have yet to provide details regarding the dog’s progress.

Inspector Small confirmed none of their officers sustained injuries from the Pit Bull attack. Additionally, there were no further reported injuries resulting from the open gunfire.   

Animal control services seized the remaining Pit Bulls from the home. As of now, the Philadelphia Police Department Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the incident, given that the officers discharged their weapons. 

Editor’s Note: Why dogs bite or act aggressively

Biting and displays of aggression by dogs are often the result of unmet needs. They can also result from anxiety, poor socialization, pain, or improper training. Dogs typically don’t wake up one day and choose to act aggressively on their own.

If your canine is reacting negatively to certain stimuli, consult a professional dog trainer or behaviorist. They can assess the situation and tailor a customized plan. Moreover, professionals can go a long way in addressing the larger issue and preventing dog attacks.

Depending upon the root cause of the behavior, techniques such as counterconditioning and desensitization may help modify the dog’s emotional response to triggers. Additionally, bite inhibition training can reduce bite severity.

In particular, Pit Bulls often unfairly receive a bad reputation. Media often plays into this harmful stereotype. When, in reality, no dog is inherently bad. People unfortunately do not always take responsibility for proper socializing and training their pets, but the breed is the one who suffers.

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