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13-Hour Police Standoff at DC Home of Man With 31 Dogs Ends

Following a 13-hour standoff, a man has been arrested for shooting and injuring three D.C. police officers who were trying to serve an animal cruelty warrant. The accused opened fire at the police on Wednesday, Feb. 14, at his Southeast Washington residence. The man was allegedly abusing the dogs he kept inside his home.

Washington, DC, man facing eviction over dog abuse shoots 3 police officers after 13-hour standoff

During an attempt to arrest a suspect for animal cruelty at a home in D.C. on Wednesday, three police officers were shot, as per NBC Washington. The man opened fire at the officers, sparking a standoff, and enclosed himself inside his home for 13 hours, following which he was arrested.

The suspect, Stephen Claude Rattigan, aged 48, faced eviction after an alarming incident involving his dogs and a 2-year-old child came to the fore. His neighbors had also alerted the police regarding a strong odor of urine and feces, as per Washington Post. 

Additionally, a neighbor gave a video to the police that served as evidence for the animal abuse charge. This video depicted the suspect repeatedly striking a dog in the head. 

In court on Thursday, Feb. 15, Rattigan refrained from entering a plea. The presiding judge decreed that he be detained without bond and mandated a mental examination. 

After Rattigan’s arrest, the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) removed a total of 20 adult dogs and 11 puppies from the premises. They used three vans for the transportation of the canines. All of the dogs appear to be American Bullies or a mix of the breed.

According to 7News, the HRA emphasized their dedication to the care and well-being of the dogs. Thus, the dogs are currently in a secure off-site location where they are receiving care. Moreover, staff members are actively evaluating the individual needs of each dog and providing necessary care. 

Numerous dogs are in need of more comprehensive medical attention due to injuries. They sustained injuries during fights that likely stemmed from their housing conditions, 7News further reported. 

As per reports, Rattigan did not keep the animals for dog fighting purposes. Hence, the reason behind him harboring such a large number of dogs remains uncertain. 

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