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102 Dogs Rescued From Unlicensed Boarding Facility in Georgia

A boarding facility in Walker County, Georgia, is under investigation after multiple reports of abuse and neglect, according to News Channel 9. Authorities arrested and charged the owners of the facility with animal abuse. Additionally, authorities rescued over 100 dogs as well as other animals from their property.

Authorities arrest owners of unlicensed boarding facility

A husband and wife, 72-year old Jerry Bryant and 57-year old Patricia Bryant, call themselves dog trainers. For years, local dog parents have hired them to train their dogs. They left their beloved fur babies in the Bryants’ care at a Chattanooga home. What dog parents didn’t know is that the home didn’t belong to the Bryants. Patricia was transporting the pups to the couple’s real home in Walker County.

Complaints about the facility date back to 2017. But Patricia Bryant claimed “she only provides training in which the owner is present,” according to documents News Channel 9 reviewed. She also stated that the facility does not offer boarding or grooming.

Jeff Mitchell, the Director of Walker County Animal Services, admitted to the news outlet that there have been complaints about the Bryants in the past. However, “we just happened to get enough evidence this past week to make an entry into the home.”

Over 100 dogs rescued from boarding facility

According to the Department of Agriculture, the Bryants don’t have a license to board animals. But when authorities finally searched the property, they rescued an astonishing 192 animals. A total of 102 of them were dogs, according to Walker County Spokesman Joe Legge. Additionally, authorities recovered 65 chickens, 10 goats, eight rabbits, seven ducks, and three pigs from the property.

Unfortunately, 15 of the animals died. Many others exhibit signs of neglect. Walker County Animal Shelter is now caring for many of the surviving animals.

Some dog parents have reunited with the pets they left in the Bryants’ care. However, others are struggling to reclaim their fur babies.

“We’re trying to get out Bagel and no response. I’m just worried sick about him,” Michelle Chavez, a pet parent, told the news outlet.

The Bryants are not responding to requests for comment on the advice of their attorney.

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