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1,000 Tons of Daily Dog Poop Prompts UK Council Crackdown

A reported 1,000 tons of unscooped dog poop is collected every day from dog parks, streets, and nature reserves across the UK, prompting council action and an increase in fines.

Irresponsible owners aren’t picking up dog poop

Many dog owners in the UK aren’t cleaning up after their pets and disposing of dog poop properly.

According to local authorities and campaign groups, some dog owners leave unbagged dog poo on the ground. Others, on the other hand, simply bag the waste and hang the poo-filled bags on trees or railings. The waste left behind by irresponsible dog owners could pose a significant risk to the environment, public health, and wildlife. 

ITV News reports that, since the Coronavirus pandemic, the country has been experiencing an escalating dog poo crisis. According to the news outlet, the dramatic rise in dog ownership during the pandemic era worsened the problem. With the UK’s dog population now at a record high, the poo menace has gone out of control. 

Allison Ogden-Newton, head of Keep Britain Tidy, expressed concern over the health risks associated with unscooped dog waste. She stated: “We need to protect our children because toxocariasis is a real threat to their health.”

Commenting on the widespread problem, The Woodland Trust — the U.K.’s largest woodland conversation charity — cautioned dog owners against hanging poo bags on trees in nature reserves.

“Bagging up dog mess and leaving it hanging in trees isn’t a responsible solution, these bags, even if biodegradable, can take years to break down, and they are also a danger to wildlife,” the charity shared.

What are councils doing to stop dog poop littering 

The U.K.’s councils are on a mission to implement tougher dog-fouling rules, including raising fines for poop littering to £1000.

Additionally, councils plan on introducing more strict dog walking restrictions, which they’ve named Public Space Protection Orders. Among these restrictions include requiring residents to keep their dogs on lead at all times in specified places. 

It’s also reported that councils have produced several videos designed to spread awareness of the poo problem. Through these videos, they remind dog owners to clean up after their pets.  

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